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Don Giovannis Review

03 July 2015
Don Giovannis Review

Don Giovanni’s, Oxford Street, Manchester

Don Giovanni’s is a long established Italian restaurant in the heart of the city centre (Just near the town hall).  My wife and I went in incognito on a weeknight last week (just before trip to Manchester’s hot new Home theatre, and genuinely enjoyed the experience.

When you walk past Don Giovanni’s, you don’t realise just how impressive a place it is – but step inside and you realise that this eatery is MASSIVE!  It stretches way back, and is so big that it even has two entrances.  Inside, it’s a friendly and informal version of smart – and the restaurant, even early in the evening, had a very homely feel.

We were welcomed with a smile (and we told the hostess about being CityCard holders, and she nodded and smiled) before letting us have a choice of tables – we chose one in the heart of the restaurant, from where we could watch the cocktail waiters doing their ‘thing’.

The menu offered a decent choice of genuine Italian food, and we actually struggled to choose – having been to Naples, my wife tends to be unable to look beyond the multiple Pizza options, whereas could eat pasta any day of the week!  They do actually do a pre-theatre and quick-lunch menu, but we went a la carte - ordering a Margherita pizza and a classic Penne Arrabbiata, as well as a bowl of olives and some plain garlic bread.

The olives arrived first – and were good, but not great – but the garlic bread was very more-ish, and the Penne was, as you’d expect, cooked to perfection.  The pizza wasn’t quite as good as Neapolitan pizza, but looked and tasted great – the tomato sauce was perfectly balanced, but, if anything, the pizza would’ve been helped by having a touch less cheese.  

The waiting staff were very diligent and helpful and we were served really quickly and efficiently – so we had time for a dessert, but the portions were so well-sized that we didn’t have the appetite for them.

Overall, a really happy experience, and very glad we chose to eat at Don Giovanni’s.

For the above food, with a well-kept Peroni and a soft drink, the bill came to £28.90, but with the CityCard offer of 25% off food, we saved ourselves £6!  We thought that £22.90 was great value for the meal we got, so thumbs up!  

As a further measure of how happy we were, we tipped the waitstaff £5 (21%) in cash.

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