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Things to do with your CityCard - Black Dog Ballroom

03 May 2019
Things to do with your CityCard - Black Dog Ballroom

Woohoo! Another bank holiday weekend already, and we’re starting to get used to these four day working weeks! Of course, all these days off means that we have time on our hands to get out there and experience this great city – instead of just eating, sleeping and working in it.

Whilst some things change a lot in Manchester, there are still plenty of things which stay the same: for all the hype about new venues, the best place to head on a night out (in my humble opinion) is still the Northern Quarter (as it has been for nearly a decade now), and of the Northern Quarter, the best place to hang out is still Black Dog Ballroom.

Black Dog Ballroom & CityCard Manchester

I first went to this crazy bar as part of a work night out, where we did a cocktail making class, and I’ve been a regular drinker and eater in here ever since: I really like its buzzing atmosphere, mix of funky music (loud, but not too loud), and great tasting food.  I’m a big fan of the burgers and ribs here, but the pizza is also great if you’re in the mood to share, and I also can’t get enough of the bottomless brunch which they serve on weekends.

There’s always good service here, decent prices, and a well-stocked bar – which I guess are more reasons why this place is turning into a classic Manchester venue.

Oh, and CityCard members get get 25% off food – so that’s another reason to get down here! Check out the offer page!

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