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Cat cafe to open in Manchester

02 March 2016
Cat cafe to open in Manchester

Manchester is a city that is developing fast and just when you think that you’ve got a feeling for the city, something comes up and surprises you.  It’s so cutting edge that it has all of the latest fashions and trends – from the sublime (fine dining and silent disco’s) to the absurd (we’ll get to that!)

Over recent weeks, there have been announcements that Manchester is going to become the home of not one, but two cat cafés.  Yes, cat cafés.  That is, cafés that are stocked with their very own cats for you to stroke, cuddle and play with!  No, seriously?!  You pay by the half-hour for the chance to roll around with these furry pals, so you don’t even have to pretend to like coffee.

The cafés are due to open in spring/summer 2016 and are obviously likely to be popular with all cat lovers (and maybe a rival dog café will open for the dog lovers soon?) and will doubtless see an increase of crazy cat ladies roaming the streets of Manchester.

The idea is not new – the cat café culture is an import from Japan - where there are over 400 cat cafés – which has been spreading around the world over the last couple of years.  It’s just another example of where Manchester is at the forefront of a global movement: when cat cafés are literally everywhere in a few decades time, you’ll be able to say that you visited one in Manchester first…

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