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Where to use your CityCard – Alton Towers

01 September 2017
Where to use your CityCard – Alton Towers

The School summer holidays are nearly over, and the kids are going back to school - which means that, for those big kids amongst us, now is the perfect time to be planning a trip to Alton Towers!








Once everyone is safely back learning their times-tables and splitting their infinitives, the queues for rides will disappear, the park will go back to being an easy place to navigate, and you won’t have to stand in line for an hour to grab a cup of coffee!

Alton Towers is the biggest and best theme-park in the whole of the UK, and it’s cutting edge rides offer thrills whether you’re a go-getter or someone who prefers things at a more sedate pace.  It’s a place that should excite you whatever your age, and which can help you to maximise your fun-side.  Plus, heck, it’s way, way better than going to work!

CityCard members get a super-special discount of 35% which is good for up to 8 people, so you can share your CityCard with your mates, and.or get them to owe you a drink for the amazing discount you get them - so why not invite a few friends, book the day of work, and get yourself out to Alton Towers?

(NB: you have to phone up to book with the CityCard discount – check out the page at CityCardManchester.co.uk for details of this and all our other exclusive offers)

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