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No big screen in Manchester

01 June 2016
No big screen in Manchester

The squads have been finalised, and, whether you agree or disagree with the exclusion of the best English midfielder of the season in place of someone who has only played one game, or the shock inclusion of an 18 year old Mancunian (and all the pressure that brings), it’s hard not to feel excited about the prospect of being so close to Euro ‘16 kicking off!

I’m super-charged already - with a half-full panini sticker album sat on the desk in front of me – and, after watching England v Turkey when they were in our city last week, even mildly positive about our prospects.  We have an attacking team who, I think, might just do it.

Given the fodder teams in this tournament, we should qualify from the Group stages even if we finish in third place, and after that, it’s cup final territory – and the English know better than anyone how to sweat and toil for a full 90 minutes.  Assuming we can kill off anyone before we get to penalties, there are no teams that I am worried about meeting.  Penalties are our achilles heel, so the longer we can avoid them, the better!

But where is the best place to watch the football in Manchester?  Regrettably, this year there aren’t any big screens in the city centre, which is a massive shame as football is one of the few things that can bring the city together for the summer: particularly given the success of the big screens at Castlefield over the years, and the fact that we’re the self-styled Capital of football.  Did someone at the council forget?

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